The 汉考克健康老龄化家庭基金 was established by the 纽约医院 Trustees as a tribute to both Frank & 凯·汉考克承认了他们的领导地位, 对CA88的社区精神和服务, 承认他们的独立性, 乐观进取的态度. And we are very grateful that their work is carried on now by their children Cal Hancock, 艾米·贝茨和乔什·汉考克. The 汉考克健康老龄化家庭基金 supports programs and services that promote and benefit the physical, 情感, 精神上的 & overall health and wellbeing of our community as we age including:

  • CA88电话项目                                 
  • 运输服务       
  • 送货上门服务    
  • 强度 & 平衡项目


One of the easiest planned gifts to make is to leave a portion of your estate to your favorite organization. You can help 纽约医院 with a gift through your will or trust by naming the hospital as a beneficiary of an IRA, 慈善礼物年金, 人寿保险单或其他资产. A generous gift will cost you nothing during your lifetime. And, a gift of just 1% of your total estate can potentially have a huge impact for our future.

If 纽约医院 has ever made you feel better when you needed care, 而你想要找到回报的方法, 你可以考虑在遗嘱里写上CA88. 如果你还没有立遗嘱的话, 现在可能是这样做的最佳时机, thereby providing for the people you love AND seeing your legacy live on at 纽约医院. Thank you for your desire to support the independent nonprofit hospital that serves this amazing community with your personal philanthropy, and for strengthening 纽约医院’s capacity to serve this community well into the future.

了解更多关于立遗嘱的知识, or other ways to leave your legacy for 纽约医院, 请联络社区关系 (电子邮件保护) 或致电(207)351-2385.


We hope you and your family are healthy and well during these challenging times. While we carefully phase back services originally suspended due to ca88, our “new normal” continues to evolve so that we may offer the safest and best care possible – whether emergent, 常规或与ca88相关-对ca88官网的患者, ca88官网的访客和照顾者. Critical resources and services provided by 纽约医院 include:

  • Support for Screening Protocols, Testing and Vaccines – Staffing and infrastructure at facility entrances allows for screening questions to reduce potential exposure for patients and caregivers alike. 严格的安全协议包括通用屏蔽, temperature checks and stringent cleaning following infectious disease guidelines. Our capacity for ca88 testing and vaccines will continue to evolve into the future as needed.
  • 远程医疗服务 – We have significantly expanded our telemedicine offerings to provide personalized patient care, 无论是在办公室还是通过视频或电话访问.
  • 恢复中心协助 – Ensure our patients with substance use disorder continue to receive both needed and deserved assistance via phone, telemedicine or with medication vital to their recovery journey.
  • 处方交付 – Curbside delivery of all prescriptions at our York 药店 location.
  • 送餐 –  Delivery of nutritious hot meals for community members in need.

在最好的时候, 纽约医院 operates on a careful budget and it is our donors who have always made the difference. Please consider a gift to CA88ca88关爱所有人基金. Your ongoing support is crucial now more than ever before and will help us provide vital resources, whether a patient is cared for within our hospital’s walls, 或者只能呆在家里.


  • 为了纪念: Sometimes words are simply not enough to thank someone who has helped you during a hospital stay or difficult time. Gifts made “in honor” recognize the outstanding contributions made by our nurses, 医生和其他工作人员或志愿者.
  • 在内存中: The loss of a loved one, friend or colleague often inspires us to ensure their memory lives on. Many people find supporting 纽约医院 is an ideal way to honor someone who has passed away while providing family and friends satisfaction knowing they have helped others.
  • 在庆祝活动: 无论你是在纪念一个婴儿的诞生, 完全恢复或另一项成就, a donation to 纽约医院 will be a meaningful part of your celebration. Please include the name and address of the person we should notify of your gift. (你的礼物数额将是保密的.)


We recently received a wonderful gift through a donor’s living trust. It is a magnificent legacy for the donor and for us. The sadness is that we didn’t know it was coming and I didn’t get to say “thank you” as I sincerely wanted to do. Please let me know if you have a bequest for us in your will. I promise only to thank you as warmly as possible for your thoughtfulness!

感谢一次特殊的经历, 相信爱与仁慈的愿景, faith in a mission to ensure healthcare for all or a desire to make a difference in our community by helping those in need – whatever your motivation, you can be assured that your legacy gift will impact the lives of future generations of children, families and seniors who count on 纽约医院 to be here for them. This meaningful gift will endure beyond your lifetime for the benefit of others. Please consider a bequest to us when you make your estate plans. For more information, please contact Friendraising for more information at (207) 351-2021 or (电子邮件保护)

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